Austrian Hotelier Association (ÖHV)

The Austrian Hotelier Association is a voluntary representative of the interests of Austrian Hotel Industry. Currently, ÖHV has more than 1,400 members.


As an independent special interest group we lobby for the concerns of the Austrian hotel industry.
The Austrian Hotelier Association is the moving spirit for sustainable growth of the hotel sector and prepares its members for actual and future challenges.
  • Voluntary, non governmental lobby group since 1953
  • More than 1,400 members: all-time record
  • Members are leading resort-, group- and city hotels
  • representing 40,000 employees and 3 billion euro business volume

Core activities of the Austrian Hotelier Association:

  • Service: The Austrian Hotelier Association combines industry know-how, longtime experience and competence. It is the prime source of information and actively supports its members when it comes to everyday challenges.
  • Campus: The ÖHV Campus is the only ISO-certified training institute that offers tailor made trainings for the hotel industry.
  • Convention: The annual convention of the Austrian Hotel Association is where the hotel industry comes together for new impetus and inspiration and to learn about upcoming trends and relevant technologies.
  • Initiative: Campaigns like „Book direct“ and „My hotel“ help Austrian hotels to be more profitable and to improve their image as an employer.
  • Innovation: The Austrian Hotel Association is pro-active and initiates studies and projects to accelerate processes and identify solutions.
  • Partner: The Austrian Hotelier Association screens and recommends partners for the hotel industry.
    Thus we support our members with market know-how and help them to find the perfect supplier for their needs.

For a POWERFUL hotel industry.